Monday, January 28, 2013


I have been a stay-at-home mom for now almost seven years!  And, for the first time in a very long time, I have finally begun to relish staying home with my kids...again!  I had been for a while debating the well-known question, i.e., whether to stay home or return to work--that every mom must at least once consider.  And, finally, with a little help from a few mom friends whose strong commitment to staying home with kids has inspired me consider it as a commitment and from my new favorite book authors who have laid out the facts for me--e.g., Jonni McCoy in her Miserly MOMS: Living Well on Less in a Tough Economy (2009).  Not only did I realize that I can save $10,000/year just on day care by staying home, but I also began to see that, thanks to a friend, that is probably what I would have wanted when I was a kid--to have my mom available to me when I wanted and needed her.  And, deep down, that is what I would want for my kids.  So, with this new commitment to staying home came a new desire to keep things in order and in budget so that we can still accomplish what we want while staying in budget and keeping my sanity intact!

So, how can I keep my sanity and passion alive while staying home with kids?  Here's my check-list for this year:
1.  Set and prioritize goals and work toward achieving them every day! (See Crystal Paine's The Money Saving Mom's Budget, 2012 for more inspiring ideas).  
2.  Find the time of day that works best for me and make that my "work-time" (My work time has become the first two hours before everyone wakes up.  Now only if I could get more disciplined about the use of my work time!)
3.  Set my budget (monthly and annually) and stick to it.  Also, check and maintain it consistently either weekly or bi-weekly.  Get in the habit of sticking to my budget every time I make that trip to the store...without falling prey to the newest marketing ploys!
4.  Find a hobby (old or new) and put in the time to develop that hobby into a skill that may be useful some day. I am hoping to pick up knitting this year and looking forward to knitting scarves and beanies for me and my family...and even as gifts--OK, let's not get ahead of myself there!  My other resolution has been to practice the piano regularly along with my kids, but that may need a little push.
5.  Deepen my existing friendships and make new friends and build a network of support...because I know I am not alone in this endeavor!
6.  Find time for my inner growth...with God!  With God's help, I can do it!

So, with that thought, I am enjoying staying home with kids...because I finally realized in my pursuit of happiness that happiness is found in realizing and accepting the hard fact that what I already have is what I truly desire.  

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