Wednesday, February 6, 2013


For the last four months or so, I have been waking up every morning thinking about...well, MONEY, and how to bring it under control to make it work for my family of five.  I used to take first five minutes of my day in prayer, now I spend every waking moment thinking about...well, MONEY.  I am afraid I have let myself fall prey to letting MONEY take control of my life rather than my taking control of it.  Perhaps, it goes both ways.  In any case, I have stopped being fully present in the moment especially when my kids come home from school, still dazed and distracted from thinking about and reading about money.  It is a wonder how I go through the motions of every day routine at all!  I had to remind myself what the point of all my research and hard work in order to come up with a system that works for my family in the first place was--to provide for my family of five now and in the future by living frugally and nurturing that value of frugal living by appreciating one another now...frugally.  But, if I am not fully present to them when they are around, what good will that do?  So, my goal this Lenten season (this spring season before Easter) is to do just that!  Turn off the computer (since that is one main distraction for me--the internet) and give my kids my fullest possible attention...before they grow up so fast and start turning ME off!  So, wish me luck and send your prayers my way toward being a fully-present stay-at-home mom!  Too easy said!

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